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At Rainstorm Car Wash, we provide superior service, cost-effective options, and ultra-convenience in an eco-friendly environment.

Powered by Circle K, the Rainstorm brand has car washes across Illinois and Indiana. Our team strives to make their customers’ lives a little easier every day, taking pride in being not only a fast option but a friendly one.

All products and services are wallet and eco-friendly and were created for people on the move. With our “Rapid Pass,” members can keep their vehicles clean all month at an unbeatable price, with unlimited car washes starting at $20 monthly. They also receive fuel discounts at participating Circle K locations.

CF18 Ellsworth Tunnel HotShine 1935


At Rainstorm Car Wash®, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We understand the importance of conserving our planet’s precious resources while delivering top-notch car cleaning services. That’s why we’ve taken proactive steps to minimize our environmental footprint. From using eco-friendly cleaning products to implementing water-saving technologies.