A Month of Car Washes for Just a Penny!

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One Penny, Infinite Shine!

You heard it right – as we come together to celebrate Circle K’s Fuel Day, we’re igniting the road with an unbeatable deal. Imagine cruising around town in a gleaming ride, freshly washed and meticulously detailed, all month long. It’s the ultimate synergy of Circle K’s fuel expertise and our car care prowess.

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Ceramic Smooth

Your car’s paint will be shielded with a protective layer, ensuring a stunning shine that stands the test of time.

Rainbow Sealant

Watch as a mesmerizing spectrum of colors dances across your car’s exterior, thanks to our Rainbow Sealant.

Wheel Cleaner

Let your wheels shine just as brightly as the rest of your car. Our Wheel Cleaner eliminates brake dust and grime, revealing the true beauty of your rims.

Ceramic Shine

This advanced formula enhances your car’s color depth, creating an awe-inspiring, mirror-like effect.

Lightning Wax

Give your car the royal treatment with our Lightning Wax application.

Foamy Polish

Foamy Polish gently buffs away imperfections, leaving behind a radiant surface.

Thunder Foam

Immerse your vehicle in a cleansing foam bath that effectively lifts away dirt, grime, and contaminants.

Tire Shine

Your tires will never look the same again. Our Tire Shine treatment not only restores a rich black finish but also safeguards against cracking and fading.

Wash & Dry

Our meticulous wash process ensures that every inch of your vehicle receives the attention it deserves.

Explore Our Membership Options

Are you ready to keep that showroom shine all year round? Discover the convenience and savings of our membership plans. With exclusive benefits, discounts, and regular pampering for your vehicle, our memberships are designed to provide you with a worry-free, gleaming ride every time.



“Wash your car everyday with a reasonably price membership. It keeps your car looking great and keeps the elements off.”

Randy Csecsinovits


“Love this carwash, always well maintained. You get alot for your money if you get the monthly pass.”

Pete Oldham


“My car always comes out looking nice and clean! I like that there are washcloths to use afterwards so I can wipe down the car and get to any hard to reach areas. I also like that there are vacuums to use as well! I would recommend!”

Dennis Silva