Frequently Asked Questions
Can I update my credit card information online?

– Absolutely. You’ll just need your Fast Pass number and credit card to do so.

Can I change my plan online?

– There is not currently a way to switch your plan online. We are hoping that this feature will be available from our vendor soon.

Am I locked into my contract?

– Never. We will like make things as easy as possible for everyone. You buy in for the price of a single wash, you get out by discontinuing anytime throughout the month. Fair, easy and simple. You can discontinue it over the phone or at any of our wash locations.

What is a Fast Pass?

– A fast pass is the sticker that goes into your windshield for our monthly wash plans. It allows you access to all of our wash locations, allows you one wash a day and gets you in and out in under three minutes? It works just like magic and we like to keep it that way!

How much does a Fast Pass cost?

– Depending on your needs, we have plans that start at $18 and go up to $36 a month for each vehicle. Newer vehicles typically go towards our complete Foamstorm package since it is a better clear coat protector and has all the bells and whistles. Most customers tend to lean towards our Lightning Wax & Shine $32 package so they can get Carnauba Wax.

Do you clean inside vehicles?

– Most people put a premium on their time, so we have chosen to focus on giving our customers the highest quality wash and greatest service available, in the shortest amount of time. We offer free vacuums and detail carts (select locations) to allow our customers the opportunity to do so if they wish and have time.

Are you open during the Winter?

– Only days we are closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas. Winter is one of our busiest times of the year-people love getting the salt off their cars and protecting it from rust. We heat our tunnel and water, so the temperature inside our wash is usually around 60 degrees. With how many dryers we have, you won’t have to worry about water freezing locks or doors. Extreme weather may also affect our hours of operation.

Are vacuums free?

– Vacuums are free with any wash purchased.